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by Stanley King (Website Manager)     Posted on 2021-06-06

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We want to hear what you have to say.

Let us open with prayer:

Leader: Come Holy Spirit, fill
the hearts of your faithful.
All: And kindle in them
the fire of your love.

Leader: Let us pray
All: God our Father and our Creator,
you have called us in Baptism to be
faithful members of your Church.
Send your Holy Spirit to lead
and guide us during our
Archdiocesan Synod.
Enkindle us with the flame of
Faith, Love and Hope
so that we may truly become
an evangelising community
serving God, Humanity
and all Creation.
Enable us to listen to your Word
as we discern the needs
of our local Church
as missionary disciples
of the Gospel who are called
to bring good news to all people.
Help us to open our hearts
and minds to discern your will,
to listen to each other,
to work together and to become
the Church that you call us to be.
We entrust our Synod
to the grace and mercy
of the Most Sacred Heart
of your Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ,
and to the intercession of Our Lady,
Mother of Good Counsel.
We ask this through Christ Our Lord.

We want to know how you see the future of your parish and the archdiosese.  Please read the Synod Pastoral Plan and the St. John Fisher Synod Leaflet and then complete the questionaire preferably as a prayer group or other sodality (CWL etc) after discussing these questiohns and summarising your discussions.


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